Selasa, 13 September 2011

How I Love Ibu Meki's advices!

Helloooo readers!
how's your life? hope that everything's going super-well.

I'm going to tell you about Ibu Meki's advices.
first of all, who's Ibu Meki?
I've tell about her here.
She's a great woman from Australia, live in Surabaya with her lovely husband (they're totally romantic! I just wish that someday, my life would be like them. Aww ~).
her husband is a teacher of special needed students. I know them since they were my neighbor, until they have moved to near pakuwon around May. Ibu Meki used to be a volunteer in  Cleft Care, it's like a foundation for children who needs a lot of help and operation for their imperfect lips (in Indonesian, it's called bibir sumbing, that just my words :p). I often had a good discussion with them, even though my English is need-to-top-up, but they're so friendly.
Yesterday, I sent an email to her, I asked an apologize because I couldn't fulfill my promise to visit their new home at Pakuwon city, due to my super duper long mudik! errggghhh..
I need to meet her to give some of magazines that contain Cleft Care advertisement. And I can't going home for a month, so it is so impossible to gives those magazines around this week. I'm afraid that she's waiting, so I offer to send it to her home.
But, how kind she is!
She said that I don't have to send it. Fortunately, they will be on 3 busy weeks. She offers me to meet her around October. Sounds better, and I hope that I already touch down home that month.

And through her email, she always gives me some advices which I love a lot!
this is an example:
 Take care of yourself, enjoy your study and explore all the things of interest in your life - with excitement but also with caution. I believe that one day with your work and your good ethic, you will make a difference to the lives of other people.

oooh all I wanna do is hug her and thanks to her!
I do hope that we'll lovely meet in October! yiaw!

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